update on CI/CAM support status

Jakub Paweł Głazik zytek-lists at nuxi.pl
Wed Aug 26 12:55:24 CEST 2009

Hey all,

Few months ago I posted some info on CI tests, and Romolo send me
revoked CI patches. I tested then on TechnoTrend C-1500 DVB-S card and
it didn't work, both original and Romolo's.

Now I have DVB-S2 card TT-3200 CI on 2.6.30 kernel. In brief:

1. Getstream works with CI but only with some CAM's.

- with TVnaKarte smartcard (polish prepaid sat tv) works OK
- with Filmbox channel smartcard DOESN'T work 

Technisat Conax CAM:
- requires changes in DVR_BUFFER_SIZE in dmxdev.c kernel sources
  (buffer overlow), anyway - same situation as SMIF Conax CAM
Viaaccess CAM with Eurosport2 works OK
Nagravision CAM - DOESN'T work.

2. EVERYTHING listed above works ok using VLC.
3. Running VLC before getstream (to initialise CAM) doesn't help.
4. Romolo's revoked patches do not change the situation, but the debug
output differs.
5. getstream even has problems with locking on a transponder when using
not supported CAMs

Attached 4 files:

win - 3 adapters with TVnaKarte (Conax CAM) and Viaaccess, working ok
win_revoked - same but with Romolo's patches (look and the PMT
messages and errors. don't know why so much, anyway streaming worked
without any problems)
fail - Filmbox adapters (Conax CAM), do not work
fail_revoked - same with Romolo's patched

I'll do some more research next week to check what exactly fails with
some CAMs and maybe compare the code with VLC. 

Any hints from you would be helpful!

.: Jakub Paweł Głazik,
.: email & jabber: zytek<at>nuxi.pl
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